Women Global Thought Leaders Academy

Women Co-creating the Future of Our World.


A Dynamic Year Long Program

This is a time when leadership must come forward to meet the challenges of a world undergoing rapid change. The unprecedented challenges of the 21st Century are calling for a new paradigm of leading, and it is women who are best positioned to bring this forward. Our businesses and organization can only grow to the extent that we, as leaders do.  In developing ourselves as extraordinary leaders, women on the leading edge, we are in the process of unfolding more authentic dimensions of ourselves, which has the power to transform circumstances and open up possibilities and potentialities for a better world. From here the creation of an extraordinary life, business and organization is possible. In moving from leaders to global luminaries we become powerful influencers co-creating the future of our world.

This year long program is dedicated to taking a women of influence to their next evolutionary phase of development, leveraging their talents and skills and producing unprecedented results in their lives and organizations. Through this program participants will tap into their greatest leadership potential, align with their true north and destiny, overcome obstacles to excellence and living their true genius and calling. They will discover hands on strategic ideas and solutions for going to the next level of Success, Leadership and Service in the world.

This innovative program empowers women business leaders, executives, to leverage their company’s greatest resources, implement their best leadership practices and achieve their aspirations and objectives. This year long is designed to powerfully propel your business and life forward to extraordinary heights of achievement and accomplishment. You will be challenged to think bigger, expand your vision for your life and business, exponentially increase your income, while making the unique difference you came here to make. We at Women on the Leading Edge, understand that Leadership is a noble cause and is an act of service. This realization is at the heart of all of our teachings. This year long intensive has the added benefit of being able to mastermind with other High level women leaders ….a rarity.

Leadership Mastery

Spiritual Technology for Change & Transformation

Vision Creation


Personal growth

Modern business wisdom

Strategic Planning


What’s in it for you?

The fact is, it is almost impossible to be wildly successful, and move your business and self to the next level, increase your income, influence and impact without expert mentorship, coaching and the power of masterminding with other like minded women.  Anyone who is anyone knows you cannot do this alone and that growth happens exponentially when you make a commitment to grow your self and business and are held accountable by a group of accomplished engaged savvy women leaders. This is an opportunity to accelerate your business growth to the next level using cutting edge transformational curriculum and leadership training, best practices, creative solutions, community and accountability.

This program will fast track  you as a leader by combining high level business strategy, mentorship, Transformational leadership, accountability and personalized attention including one on-one mentorship directly from Dr. Rita.

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