Who Are Women On the Leading Edge?


  • Women on the Leading Edge, are  women who are fulfilling their leadership potential and desiring to leave their mark on the world.
  • We  are  leaders who are motivated by hope, vision and action.
  • We are connected to the needs of the world but not determined by them.
  • We have an inspirational vision for the future and a clear direction for how to get there.
  • We are  innovators, pioneers and change agents of the world.
  • We are visionary and know how to create, implement, and bring our dreams and the dreams of others, to fruition.
  • We create personal wealth and are motivated to do so through a vision that benefits the whole and an intention for all to prosper.
  • We define our values from the inside out.
  • We are someone who can propel others into new dimensions of realized possibility and who can see and hold the promise of a new and better world.
  • We have a capacity to transform the way people think, conduct their lives and businesses and embody courage and optimism.
  • We are motivated by an inner fire connected to what has meaning and purpose for themselves along with a sense of responsibility for the whole – the whole business, organization, community and the world.
  • We embody a sense of service, contribution and legacy.
  • We work from intention and aligned powerful action.
  • We see the big picture, think strategically and act powerfully.
  • We flourish as  leaders through leading lives of significance, influence, and affluence.

We believe that Women on the Leading Edge and the men who are willing to partner with us, are the ones who will create and own the future.