Dr. Rita Lustgarten is an unusually gifted woman, an impressive speaker, outstanding workshop leader, group facilitator and individual coach and psychologist. We have co–facilitated a weekend council for women and several councils for women professionals in the healing arts and business. It was a pleasure and honor to work with such a brilliant, focused, insightful and compassionate visionary. Several of my clients participated in either Dr. Lustgarten’s yearlong entrepreneurial coaching group or her yearlong workshop focusing on intention, purpose and leadership. People report being inspired, changed and challenged in her workshops. As a presenter, Dr. Lustgarten is unusually present, direct, insightful, inspiring, warm, original, creative, spacious and inclusive. She is also able to track themes, both spoken and unspoken, articulate the group “energy” and hold the complexities of group dynamics in a deeply affective and affecting way. She is unusually compassionate and kind. In working with participants of her trainings and workshops she is profoundly knowledgeable, exciting, affirming, able to hold the space graciously, and is responsive in an authentically spontaneous way. She has a great sense of humor and irony, is spacious and always right on – spot on in her facilitation. I found her wonderful to collaborate with and look forward to working together again in the future.

Karin Lofthus Carrington – MA

Author, Founder of Mindful Consulting and Counseling