“Dr. Rita has the presence, abilities, dedication, and tenacity to sit with me through stumbles, barriers, and breakthroughs as I try to live the life I am meant to live. I treasure every minute I get to sit in her presence….I so admire Dr. Rita as a person, a teacher, a coach for the soul. I admire her deep dedication to learning and mastery… I feel my yearning to see life’s potential as she sees it. Dr. Rita is so many things to me–a voice in my ear reminding me of the promises of a life well lived and the promises I make to myself and so often break. She is the picture and power of simple presence. The importance of truth in every moment. The very definition of integrity and celebration of self. A lover of beauty, she is herself the most exquisite poem. A beacon to all that is beautiful, exquisite, and perfect within my being–calling, teaching, honoring, and calling yet again. In working with her my life is changed forever.

Dani Tarry PhD

Educational Consultant