“I began working with Dr. Rita during a tumultuous time in both my personal and professional life. She helped me recognize the negative patterns that I had established and/or reinforced that 
spanned both arenas, see them as correlated, and develop tools 
to change systematically and holistically. I can sincerely say my 
work with Dr. Rita allowed me to up-level all parts of my being and
 completely reposition myself for a life filled with abundance and 
possibility that I had never known before. For anyone who is
 either at a crossroads in their personal or professional life or not 
finding genuine happiness despite having achieved many 
objective metrics of success, I recommend working with Dr. Rita to help create a path to a more fulfilling and empowered life steeped in the values that matter to you most.”

Blythe Jack,

President & CEO of Cahootie, inc.