Dr. Rita Lustgarten is an unusually gifted woman, an impressive speaker, outstanding workshop leader, group facilitator and individual coach and psychologist. We have co–facilitated a weekend council for women and several councils for women professionals in the healing arts and business. It was a pleasure and honor to work with such a brilliant, focused, insightful and compassionate visionary. Several of my clients participated in either Dr. Lustgarten’s yearlong entrepreneurial coaching group or her yearlong workshop focusing on intention, purpose and leadership. People report being inspired, changed and challenged in her workshops. As a presenter, Dr. Lustgarten is unusually present, direct, insightful, inspiring, warm, original, creative, spacious and inclusive. She is also able to track themes, both spoken and unspoken, articulate the group “energy” and hold the complexities of group dynamics in a deeply affective and affecting way. She is unusually compassionate and kind. In working with participants of her trainings and workshops she is profoundly knowledgeable, exciting, affirming, able to hold the space graciously, and is responsive in an authentically spontaneous way. She has a great sense of humor and irony, is spacious and always right on – spot on in her facilitation. I found her wonderful to collaborate with and look forward to working together again in the future.

    Karin Lofthus Carrington – MA

    Author, Founder of Mindful Consulting and Counseling


    “I began working with Dr. Rita during a tumultuous time in both my personal and professional life. She helped me recognize the negative patterns that I had established and/or reinforced that 
spanned both arenas, see them as correlated, and develop tools 
to change systematically and holistically. I can sincerely say my 
work with Dr. Rita allowed me to up-level all parts of my being and
 completely reposition myself for a life filled with abundance and 
possibility that I had never known before. For anyone who is
 either at a crossroads in their personal or professional life or not 
finding genuine happiness despite having achieved many 
objective metrics of success, I recommend working with Dr. Rita to help create a path to a more fulfilling and empowered life steeped in the values that matter to you most.”

    Blythe Jack,

    President & CEO of Cahootie, inc.


    “Dr. Rita has the presence, abilities, dedication, and tenacity to sit with me through stumbles, barriers, and breakthroughs as I try to live the life I am meant to live. I treasure every minute I get to sit in her presence….I so admire Dr. Rita as a person, a teacher, a coach for the soul. I admire her deep dedication to learning and mastery… I feel my yearning to see life’s potential as she sees it. Dr. Rita is so many things to me–a voice in my ear reminding me of the promises of a life well lived and the promises I make to myself and so often break. She is the picture and power of simple presence. The importance of truth in every moment. The very definition of integrity and celebration of self. A lover of beauty, she is herself the most exquisite poem. A beacon to all that is beautiful, exquisite, and perfect within my being–calling, teaching, honoring, and calling yet again. In working with her my life is changed forever.

    Dani Tarry PhD

    Educational Consultant


    “I met Dr. Rita Lustgarten several years ago.
 In our time together, she quickly demonstrated her capacity to
 inspire and lead others to connect with their values and
 develop congruence in their words and actions. Dr. Lustgarten has the rare capacity to identify complex interrelationships between ideas, systems and people – whilst creating authentic interventions within which people grow. She is an inspiring speaker and facilitator and anyone who comes into contact 
with her will find their life positively changed.”

    Clare Mann

    Clare Mann Associates Australia Pty Limited


    “Dr. Rita is authentic, knowledgeable in the field of entrepreneurship and women’s leadership. She is marvelous speaker, engaging, thoughtful and deeply related to any group she is teaching. She embodies all that she is teaching. She speaks to women with passion, zeal and urgency, that moves one to action. Dr. Rita’s work changes the lives of the people she works with. “

    Susan Nelson, Director



    “Dr. Rita’s talk had a profound impact upon me. I am inspired to join her in her work to propel women forward in strategic leadership positions and capabilities. Her clarity, passion and focus is without peer.”

    John Moore, Colonel


    “I had the privilege to listen to Dr. Rita speak about women in business, women in leadership, women taking leadership roles in their life, their company and their careers and it so inspired me. I was the CEO of a market research company and I wish I had known Dr. Rita at the time. She would have helped me make my company spectacular. Dr. Rita is taking a powerful stand for women leaders. She passionately articulates how women are the untapped resource for change on this planet and the hope for a brighter future. Thank you so much for the work you are doing, to empower women around the world and be the voice for change. She is helping women to not just survive but to thrive in the marketplace and to make our world a better place.”

    Val Heart