Speaking Topics

Women on the Leading Edge:  A New Wave of Leadership:

The world is changing rapidly and we need to be part of this change in order to flourish. As entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders in general, our old ways of leading and succeeding are not working. The accumulation of wealth without a sense of connection to something meaningful, purposeful and sustainable is no longer viable in our global economy.  We must think of contribution and legacy –  making the world a sustainable place for our future generations. There is a call for the emergence of a new consciousness – one that is innovative in its capacity to envision new possibilities and global in its reach and impact.   The call is for a more relational consciousness, one that enables us to form strategic alliances and collaborative partnerships. Being a woman, on the leading edge, answers this call. 

  • Characteristics of women on the leading edge?
  • Why needed and why important
  • New paradigm of leading
  • How to identify if you are a women on the leading edge
  • How to become one
  • What does wealth and purpose have to do with it?
  • Envisioning new possibilities for women’s role in global Leadership
  • Sustainability and Meaning

Why Women, Why Now: The Feminine Face of Leadership

We are entering into a new and challenging leading edge environment that requires greater consciousness in our individual and collective business endeavors and practices, in order to be successful and sustainable. This includes the incorporation of values and qualities such as integrity, wisdom, social conscience, partnership, collaboration artful communication and a sense of ethical stewardship.  In order to bring this forward, we need: Women. In this presentation Dr. Rita Lustgarten will present a convincing argument of why women are the “Vanguards & Visionaries” of a new way of leading. She will speak directly and wisely to the question “why women why now”. This presentation will explore and discuss the inherent power in feminine leadership and how women can become the breakthrough solution to unprecedented global challenges in the world today.  She will outline the steps women need to take to be on the leading edge and become a groundbreaking force for positive economic, social and political change.

  • A new paradigm of leadership
  • The great challenge of the 21st century
  • The emergence of the Feminine in our Business and Leadership – Why now
  • Women are the greatest untapped resource
  • 10 reasons why women are the answer to our global challenges
  • What are the cultural and systemic challenges in leadership that women are uniquely qualified to speak to, address and solve?
  • The steps women need to take to be on the leading edge

Access to Power: Becoming a True Transformational Leader

We speak about change, visioning, actualizing our dreams, but we rarely speak about how to “access the power” to change, realize our dreams actualize our visions…go to the next level of our lives and businesses. It is power, authentic power that makes all this possible.

In this presentation audiences will  receive a roadmap to true power. They will discover the

  • 3 levels of authentic power:
  • The steps to cultivating it
  • How to apply to ones life
  • The essential attributes of a true transformational leader

Flourishing as a Woman of Influence

Though women have made great strides in taking on more leadership roles, increasing their credibility and visibility, it has come at a great price- exhaustion, stress, breakdown in their relationships, bodies, etc. What does it truly take to be women of influence in the 21st C and flourish? In this presentation, Dr. Lustgarten defines what it is to flourish as a woman of influence and illuminates the pathway towards it.

  • What women need to know to flourish as a leader in the 21s C.
  • 3 essential aspects that lead to a life of flourishing
  • How to do it differently
  • Women’s Power
  • The pathways towards a life of Flourishing

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: Women’s Competitive Edge:

Leading with Promise, Possibility & Power: Women in the 21st Century

This is a time for women to have the greatest impact and make the greatest difference in our world in the history of the human race

Dimensions to be addressed:
• What it means to be a powerful woman leader in the 21st C
• Obstacles women need to overcome to make the vital contribution they are here to make.
• What holds women back?
• Redefining Power
• The Promise and Possibility of Women.

Elevating Women’s Place in a Rapidly Changing World

• What holds women back?
• What are the obstacles women need to overcome to make the their greatest difference.
• Are women really empowered?
• Why women why now
• The Feminine face of leadership
• What women need to do to make the vital contribution they are here to make?
• Becoming a women of Influence

The Art & Science of Manifestation: Living an Intentional Life

There is within each of us a longing for a fuller, freer, more expanded expression of ourselves that is actually life’s own inherent movement of becoming, through us. When we give this longing a voice we begin to move in the direction of our own becoming and synchronistic meetings, opportunity’s and good fortune occurs.

It is through our own deep desire expressed through a vision with purpose and faith, that we can access the power to manifest our dreams and a life truly worth living. Manifesting is actually an art and a science.  There are very specific scientific principles which when applied in an artful manner, can manifest the life you truly desire.

In this presentation audiences will learn:

  • The difference between a condition driven life and a vision driven life
  • The power of Faith
  • The 5 criteria any vision worth manifesting must meet
  • 3 fundamental stages of manifesting
  • The 5 faculties needed to bring your dreams into reality

Becoming a Visionary: The Heart of Leadership:

The greatest leaders in history all saw a light from the future, beckoning to them- they had a clear vision of the world they sought to create and a burning desire and passion to bring that world into existence. A vision that was magnetic and an expression of their destiny

“No vision and you perish. No ideal and you’re lost. Your heart must ever cherish some faith at any cost. Some hope, some dream to cling to, some rainbow in the sky, some melody to sing to, some service that is high.” – Harriet Du Autermont

In this presentation you will learn

  • Visioning: The Power of Creating Your Future:
  • Defining your magnetic vision
  • What a magnetic vision is?
  • 3 essential features of a Magnetic Vision
  • The difference between a “vision” vs. and “idealized expectation
  • The heart of leadership in the 21st C
  • Coming from within
  • How is it related to our Destiny
  • Why Visioning is important
  • How to create a future not based on your past
  • Becoming a Creative force in you own life.

From Burnout to Brilliance

As high achieving women influencers we tend to always be proving our worth and credibility which limits our capacity for excellence. In this way we burnout instead of creating a flourishing life

  • Learn the one fundamental shift that is needed
  • The major causes of burnout
  • How to shift from burnout to brilliance
  • Why now is your time

Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Entrepreneurship is a new wave of business that believes the world can and will be transformed through how we do business. It is about bringing greater consciousness to our business practices, having an intention to do good in the world through the businesses we are creating;; wanting to be connected up to meaning, purpose and contribution while making an extraordinary living, having a triple bottom line, people, plane and profit,  and caring about multiple stakeholders.

  • Why conscious capitalism is essential for success in the 21st century.
  • Meaning purpose and contribution
  • 6 Fundamental components of a conscious business
  • The power and importance of serving and activating the Good

Creativity and Innovation

Finding Your Calling

Many of us are incapable of living our dreams at work and are frustrated in our attempts to gain clarity around our vocation. Our hearts and our souls will only be fully engaged when we discover our natural gifts and talents and put then to use in greater service to the world.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • What is a calling and why it is important to live yours?
  • The impact personally and professionally of living your calling.
  • The question: Does everyone have one?
  • How to recognize your calling: 3 essential elements needed to discover ones calling
  • Symptoms of not living your calling
  • How to access personal power and authenticity
  • How to monetize your calling
  • How to truly make the difference you are here to make

The Psychology of Money

Just as with time, we all have a psychological relationship to money. Often our psychology is trans-generational. We carry the imprints of our mother’s and father’s, and their mothers and fathers, within us. We each have a money set-point; a blueprint which determines how much  money we can make, how much wealth we can build. Everyone has one…a psychology in regards to money. “No matter how much or how little you have. Money Psychology” is the relationship between a person’s mind and emotions, and the medium of exchange called money.

In this presentation you will:

  • Discover the meanings you have and have inherited around money
  • The story yo live around money
  • What your setpoint/is and how to change it
  • How to change your relationship to money so as to be able to  create more money for yourself and others.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life- Change The World

In quantum physics, ancient spiritual traditions and neuroscience, we learn how powerful our mind is in creating our lives. If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change. Our perceptions create our reality. To change your mind is to truly change your life, and it is the only way to bring forth new possibilities for ourselves, our colleagues and a better world.

In the keynote, audiences will understand:

  • Your mind is everything
  • What your mind has to do with your life.
  • The power of changing your world view
  • The most powerful way to change your life.
  • What your self- image has to do with it.
  • Paradigm shifting-what is needed to create real change.
  • How to access the power to create change
  • What does it really mean to transform?
  • Learn the essential principles for changing your mind

Mastering your Inner and Outer Game of Success

Success is defined differently form one generation to another and from one Century to another. What does it really mean to be successful and how does one master Success?

In this presentation audiences will learn

  • Essential elements to master for inner success
  • Essential elements to master for outer success
  • How to live a truly fulfilling life

The Alchemy of Meaningful Work

Money is not the only motivator. When we are on fire with a purpose, our life is given meaning and we find the strength and resources to overcome all obstacles resulting in extraordinary success.  When you believe that what you are doing serves something important beyond oneself and connects you to something greater than yourself,  you become inspired and unstoppable.

  • Who am I?
  • What am I here for?
  • Who am I here to serve?
  • Money & meaning
  • Living ones destiny 

Defining Success on your Own Terms: Keynote

This is a time for women to have the greatest effect on the world in the history of the human race. The question is, why haven’t they already?

“The Economist says that the next big wave of expansion will  not come from China, or the internet for that matter but from empowering women.  The question is, are women  actually powerful? ”

In this provocative talk, dr. Rita speaks about what women actually need to do to be successful and prominent in the 21st Century.


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