Private VIP Mentorship Day

This is an opportunity to spend one on one time with Dr. Rita in an immersion setting.  It is an intensive experience that catapults you and your business forward.  It is a place where we dive deep into your business from a strategic level and creatively focus on the  most essential elements needed for growth, expansion and development of your business and to move you into your next evolutionary phase of leadership and extraordinary success.  We identify, clarify, and prioritize key areas of needed development to take you and your business to the next level. We custom design the day with your specific needs, outcomes, objectives and desires in mind.  We can focus on your branding, developing a strategic plan for the next 3-5 years, planning out the next year of your marketing activities, restructuring your business and offerings, mapping out product and program creation and launches and new revenue streams and opportunities. We can work on transforming you from the inside out for greater success, enabling you to come to leadership mastery. We spend an entire day together outlining and identifying in signature detail the next level of your business growth, defining your brand, ideal clients and marketing message, identifying your products and services, and new marketing strategies. We work together at creating effective systems and leveraging your brilliance so that you can make more money while building a team to support your brand. We will also identify and address any challenges you may be experiencing that are holding back your business growth and ultimately, we will clearly define your next steps for success. 

We create a strategic and marketing plan for the next 18 mos.

A VIP day is an opportunity to have a fundamental shift in the way you think and open your mind to new possibilities for your business. It is a day completely devoted to up- leveling you and your business. You can catapult you and your business forward in a very short amount of time. ROI is often quadrupled in the next year. Included in our 1 day is a strategy session before our meeting, and a follow up mentoring call within 2 weeks after our meeting.

VIP day will include:

  • Laser focused Strategy session prior to in person meeting
  • Detailed business and leadership questionnaire
  • Evaluation of all current strategic, brand, marketing materials
  • A clear vision and plan for where your business/organization needs to go and how to get there
  • Creation of  a Blueprint for Extraordinary Success/Action Plan
  • Mastery as a leader

may also include:

  • strategic brand plan
  • Innovative and leveraged Business models- if applicable
  • Product creation
  • Marketing funnel
  • Sales Funnel

Virtual VIP Mentorship day:

This is a personalized one-on-one business mentoring day with Dr. Rita via phone or Skype. During this half day of very focused consulting we will laser in on what will make the greatest difference in the least amount of time to exponentially move your business forward. We will create an action plan to leverage yourself, create more income, develop products /offerings along with a  or set up a step-by-step marketing plan to grow your business.

Application only: Please contact us and application will be sent to you.