This is an Opportunity to Work with and Be Mentored by Dr. Rita 

Private VIP  consulting day
This is an opportunity to spend one on one time with Dr. Rita in an immersion setting where we can fast track your success and address any issues, concerns, and growth strategies in your business. This can include reinventing and re-branding yourself and business, integrating innovative business models and marketing strategies or devoting the day to your next evolutionary phase of your business and leadership development.
Mastermind day
Where we come together as a group of high achieving like minded people for one or two days a quarter to specifically work on your business. By joining together in a high level atmosphere with collective intentions and definiteness of purpose, you literally create quantum leaps resulting in new knowledge and insights, new solutions, breakthrough thinking, new ideas, and new opportunities for you and your business. Each person gets the entire individualized attention of Dr Rita as your mentor and the entire group focused on their business.
Platinum Mastery Business Coaching  
Taking your Business and you to the next Evolutionary Phase of Extraordinary Success.
 Unleashing exponential growth and profitability.
This program will coach, train and mentor you in all of the facets of creating and sustaining and scaling a wildly successful and profitable business.
Women’s Thought Leaders Academy  
This year long intensive is dedicated to taking women of influence to their next evolutionary phase of development, leveraging their talents and skills and producing unprecedented results in their lives and organizations. Through this program participants will tap into their greatest leadership potential, overcome obstacles to excellence and living their true genius and calling. They will discover hands on strategic ideas and solutions for going to the next level of Success, Leadership and Service in the world.
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