Mastermind Group

Quarterly (20 women max)

This is an exclusive live strategic mentoring opportunity for a select group of high achieving women to come together in a boardroom like setting and reap the extraordinary benefits of a mastermind. We come together at a beautiful retreat space for the soul purpose of working on your business and growing you as a leader. Each participant of the mastermind will receive the complete and undivided attention, focus, wisdom and genius of my self and the group, focused solely on you and your business.,

Participants challenge each other to set important goals, and to accomplish them. The group requires commitment, confidentiality, a willingness to be both creative and generous and to brainstorm ideas/solutions. The group offers support and serves as catalysts for growth and expansion.

By joining together with collective intentions and definiteness of purpose, you leverage yourself, access greater opportunities and literally create quantum leaps in your life and business.

Napoleon Hill, the man who first coined this term, called this powerful experience the “third mind”… or the Mastermind. By multiplying and leveraging the brain power of the entire group, you discover limitless opportunities to create revenue and grow your business.

Mastermind Benefits:

An effective Mastermind alliance is a conduit for:

  • A trusting environment in which a confidential exchange of ideas can flourish
  • Creative problem solving on both professional and personal
  • Skill development and personal growth
  • Advice, collective support and accountability to oneself and others
  • Leveraging the intelligence and real world support of others
  • Achieving far more than one could ever achieve on their own due to the insights and wisdom of others.
  • An opportunity to implement new and innovative business ideas
  • An opportunity to up-level your leadership
  • An opportunity to collaborate in a safe and creative environment.
  • Priceless opportunity to be both mentored and to use the education, the experience, the influence and expertise of other people, in carrying out your own plans in life

“The Mastermind principle is that, through which you may borrow and use the education, the experience, the influence, and perhaps the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life. It is the principle through which you can accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime – if you counted only on your own efforts for success. When you form a true Mastermind alliance with others, and work with them in a spirit of perfect harmony, you can draw freely upon the spiritual forces within you in carrying out your plans and desires. The Mastermind principle can give you absolute protection against failure; provided, always, that your purpose in using this principle is beneficial to all whom you influence.”

-Napolean Hill

By application only!