Women Reshaping the Future of Our World Inspirational Female Leaders

Throughout history there have been extraordinary women who have brought about inspiring change because of who they were and the vision they had for themselves and the  world.  They had a purpose, a calling, and were connected to something meaningful that transcended  the times and what was culturally defined as possible  for women. Women like Indira Ghandi who was the only  woman to hold office in India and was known as the “Woman of the Millenium”; Hildegard of Bingen, mystic,  visionary, author and composer who is called one of the most important figures in the history of the middle ages; Eleanor of Acquataine, first Queen of France who influenced Politics in Western Europe; Joan of Arc, the patron saint of France who led an army against the English; Catherine the Great, the greatest political leader of the 18th century; Mother Teresa, a global icon of selfless service to others, and the list goes on. Each of these women were brave, innovative, courageous, passionate and determined. That was their time. This is now our time. The torch of light is passed on from generation to generation. We carry this torch  with dedication and heart and it needs burn ever so much more brightly now.

Are you called to be a part of this

Magnificent change?

It is time for women of high influence to come together as conscious leaders of change and become an integral part of the transformation of our world.  It is a time for women, individually and collectively to be on the leading edge as powerful intentional forces reshaping our world. We can strike out on our own and redefine success, redefine power and redefine leadership.  Are you willing to spearhead a cultural revolution and accept that we are here to create positive change in the  world?

Women of influence Global Leadership summit