Lead Like a Woman

Embody your own Feminine Nature
Many women, in order to be successful and relevant find themselves mirroring the values of the dominant culture. Women do this in order to be taken seriously and to achieve success, betraying and denying their own authenticity. As a professional woman, when you become more concerned with proving your worth, competence and credibility than striving for excellence, your performance becomes restricted and limited. You are actually limiting the full expression of yourself and the impact you can have on the world. It is important to realize, as long as you are caught up in proving your worth and competence, and credibility, you cannot soar and you definitely cannot flourish. In effect, you create your own glass ceiling. You can only go so far because the energy you’re putting into proving your credibility and worth is not going into growing and expanding yourself and your business and you are caught in an old paradigm at a time where the 21st century is asking for something utterly different to be successful.

Stop trying to prove your competence and begin to express and live your value. You’re different, and you’re difference is needed. You are not here to compete. You are here to collaborate. As a woman you do not have to prove your equality, credibility, and validity by attempting to be the same as men or fitting into a male-defined culture. Be You! Know that you have aright to be here, that you can let your own light shine, and be a light, as a leader, to others. Take initiative to expand your influence in every opportunity.
Being true has to become more important than being included. It’s time for women to own their power and leave their mark o the world.

Realize Feminine Values Bring Tremendous Value.
This is a time of great social, economic, and political change. When women are in their power, they want to make a difference in the world. Women are natural collaborators. Relationship is a key value for women, and today we need to create partnerships all over the world. Women tend to be integrators. We need to integrate the best of the old while emerging into what is new. Women are very connected to life-affirming values.
Because women have a capacity to mother, they have a much greater sense of a long-term view and a natural energy directed toward sustainability.

Be Authentic
Define Success on your own terms
Believe in yourself
Have a vision for your self and life
Find your purpose
Own your power to make difference in the world