Getting Personal

At a very young age, I had a mystical vision, of a world filled with light, unifying all difference and diversity, yet the life and family I was born into was nothing like that. My family life was more fragmented, dark, filled with emotional pain and distress. Closing that gap, realizing the light in the darkness, and bringing that light into my own life and into the lives of the people I love and work with, has been my calling, salvation and life purpose. What felt to be so unifying and natural, became a distinguishing difference in myself separating me from others. I was different and I was painfully aware of this difference from a very young age. My prayer every night was “God, please make me like everyone else.” My deepest vulnerability was feeling like a “stranger in a strange land”. It took me years to fully comprehend and embrace that this was the “crack” where the light comes through, as Leonard Cohen, a friend, so eloquently expresses, in one of his songs. I understand this now and this understanding has cultivated a greater wisdom in me and has brought me into a profound love and compassion for myself and others.  Early on, I realized I was touched and connected to a significance and a spiritual mission that would guide me throughout my life.

I have since childhood felt the pain of the world; the suffering of others and have been moved to alleviate it. My body has always felt one with the body of the world. This has been the single most motivating factor to my life of awakening and my wanting to make a difference in the world. For as long as I can remember, my life has been about Self- realization, awakening, realizing the unlimited potential within my self and helping others to do the same. It is from the deepest darkness of my own being that I have been moved to seek and find the light. I have followed the light all of my life and now I carry the light.

I was born with a wisdom way beyond my years and have felt connected to and guided by invisible forces within the universe all of my life. I am a living transformation. I actually feel I have lived at least 9 lives, to date. I am a light bearer- a spiritual warrior of light. I am also a healer. I have always felt as if my life did not belong to me, and belonged to something greater than myself; that I was here for some unknown purpose and that everything I learned and attained was not for my self, alone, but for everything and everyone I was here to serve and contribute to.

I am a seer. I see into things, the essence of things present and future and almost always outside of time. I especially have the gift of seeing the potential in others and have often been hooked on the upward spiraling potential of another individual, especially those I fall in love with. I often do not see the limitations of others and tend to have a greater faith in their capacity and hold a larger vision for them than they have and hold for themselves. Professionally this works well in that we all need to work with someone who believes in us beyond our own self imposed limitations. However, personally it has been a source of pain. It has brought me to the recognition and realization that without the conscious will to realize one’s potential, the potential within an individual lies dormant and unactualized. Hence, my writing a book on this very theme.

I believe life has meaning; that we all have a purpose and destiny to be fulfilled and that you and I matter. I don’t believe one can make a difference without mattering. I believe that we are all on an evolutionary journey and hopefully and awakening one.

I have been and continue to be a life long learner. I have been immersed in the wisdom teachings from many different cultures around the world for over 30 years. I have had the privilege of being mentored by some of the greatest lights on the planet both Eastern and Western, including His holiness the Dalai Lama, Mother Meera, Muktananda, Gurumayi , Shankaracharya of Kanchi (the elder), to name a few.

My background is very eclectic, and I have studied many different schools of thought both in and out of academic institutions. I have more degrees and certifications than I know what to do with. Obviously knowledge is very important to me but it can’t hold a light to the illumination of my soul that I have been graced to experience on more than one occasion. I have been a mystic since the age of 4. All of my life moves towards the light.

I have studied all the great mystics through the centuries along with modern day in depth, principles of Personal and Organizational Transformation, Success and Achievement, Psychology, Neuroscience, Astrology, Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Leadership Development, Women’s Studies, Organizational Development, Business Development, Strategic Growth, Facilitation, Systems theory, Chaos theory, to name a few. I have been engaged in over 50,000 hours of meditation practice to date.

I have, since childhood, felt connected to something greater than my self, and live in dedication to this guiding, instructional God like energy. I am inspired. I am passionate about so very much. I have been a life long seeker. I’m a deeply devoted person. My life is about willing the Good and I have absolute faith that Goodness lies at the heart of the universe. I believe we each have a higher intelligence and wisdom within and around us, consistently guiding us. I have spent years cultivating a receptivity to this intelligence. I believe the very heart of this intelligence is love, and the very fabric of the universe. I believe when we give ourselves over to life as it is, all that is to unfold, will unfold. That trust is essential.

My deepest guiding principles have been and continue to be:

1. Faith- Intimate connection with the One, being the bridge to the unknown and all that is glorious. Belief that I will always be taken care of and given what I most essentially need as long as I don’t hold back and have the courageous to give myself fully to life.

Knowing full well that whatever we hold back from life, Life holds back from us.

2. Love- to be in love with all that is. To live each day in love, with everything and everyone, knowing it is the most fulfilling way to live and is the fastest way to freedom.

3. Remembering- who I truly am and recognizing the Divine Source from which I and n everyone else, comes and from… the source from which I am given life.

4. Believing in the inherent intelligence, love and power within and behind the universe consistently guiding and loving us.

5. Being true to my Self and having the courage to live this truth as it is revealed to me, regardless of the consequences.

6. Becoming one with and trusting the infinite power within and behind the universe.

7. Being deeply devoted and dedicated to the light.

I have always had a vision of myself and what was possible for me far beyond my present circumstances and beyond the present effects and conditions of my life. I believe I can accomplish anything I set my heart and mind to. I am dedicated to greatness and believe I will attain it in this life time. I am a very disciplined person. (My definition of “discipline” is “being a disciple unto oneself”). I hold in my heart a vision of a better, more enlightened world… a world where people live in mutual respect, trust, collaboration and global partnership. All of my endeavors are dedicated to the creation of this.

I have always had a deep trust in my own capacity to make it through anything and continue to do so. I always believed and continue to believe that things will work out and that to the degree we are willing to fully gives ourselves to any one thing we will be made over by that thing and can come to mastery through it. I believe anything is possible. I have always lived a path of heart and have been willing to let go of and release anything that was not aligned with this path, including very deep love relationships.

I love to dance, love African drumming and music, many classical pieces of music, and love to be in nature. Love the ocean and wherever I live it needs to be near water. I am a deeply loving mother and have just become a grandmother of twins.

I aspire to live the best and highest in every situation and am often inspired by so much. I am in love with so very much. I have very high aspirations for myself and others. I truly believe I am here to ennoble my life and uplift the lives of others. I am a lover in the true sense of the word. I am very passionate about so very many things and I have loved very deeply in this lifetime. I have very little, if any regrets in my life. I love intensity and live life to its fullest. I am a possibilities person and am able to find and see the possibilities in anything and everything. Joy is at the heart of everything I do. I have a capacity to be intimate with all things. I move through the world in a fluid and deeply embodied way. I am generous, sometimes to a fault. I am a collaborative thinker. I missed the gene of small mindedness and competitiveness. I am threatened by very little and very little ruffles me. I live in vertical relationship to my own genius and do not compare myself to others. Communication is very important to me. So is affection and a humanizing of all situations. I am deeply compassionate. There are times I feel I have more energy than God. I live into the depths, feel myself to be multidimensional and it is often hard for me to be with anything superficially. I am wildly creative. I consider myself a true alchemist. I am consistently transmuting all that lives in the shadow of my own being, into light, into the light of my own soul through consciousness. Becoming more conscious is one of my highest values. I truly believe the more conscious we are, the more connected we will be; that in becoming more conscious we will realize our interconnectedness with all of life and thereby treat others with greater care, respect and compassion. I believe transformation is possible for everyone. I have been engaged in a life long process of transformation and have devoted my life to the transformation of others and to our world.

I believe so much can be solved and resolved through love and greater consciousness of oneself and others and I am always seeking the elegant solution. I feel personal power can only be accessed through acting from a place of valuing oneself, taking personal responsibility for the ways things are unfolding and in being fully accountable. I believe life does not happen “to you” but “with you.” For better or worse I am a highly principled person. Being in integrity is important to me. I call it as it is and what you see is what you get with me. I don’t believe any of us can refine ourselves, get to the next level and cultivate mastery, without becoming more conscious through feedback. I am the queen of feedback. I am an empath and have a strong ability to be in empathic resonance with others. I am very intuitive. I am a visionary and have a vision for a better world. I see into the heart and essence of things. I am a philosopher at heart- the love of wisdom. I have devoted my life to the realization of the truth of who I am and to service. I don’t believe one can truly be fulfilled without giving back. I am gifted in many ways and am often an inspiration to others. I read energy. I often get the entire psychic organization of someone in just hearing their voice. My life embodies the phoenix quality of rising from the ashes. I am radical in my outlook. I have always colored outside the lines. The word “normal” is not part of my vocabulary or identity and I am a revolutionary at heart. I feel it is important to live with Grace. Beauty is important to me. I have great confidence and faith in my capacities and my own inherent ability to rise to any occasion and overcome any obstacles that might present themselves to me. I believe in miracles, yours and mine. I believe in destiny and a divine order to the unfoldment of things.

Every person I work with, their lives are radically changed forever. They are called to a higher way of being, better way of living that is expressed through who they are and their chosen endeavors. They also tend to become more prosperous, more fulfilled, more successful, more on purpose and more giving. Their lives expand. My intention is to make every person I work with realize their significance, their power, and be a blessing to the world. I hold a very large vision of possibility for people. I have very high standards for them and for my self. I am very demanding of myself. I am a living transformation and know about change intimately. Alchemy is actually my true genius and life path and I am masterful at it. I am a magician in many ways. I have spent years, cultivating the spiritual power and consciousness needed to transmute darkness into light.

I am astute at business. I am also a great manifester. My life and work have always been about living in the truth, making a difference and being of service. I am a very direct person. Some people find me brutally direct however my communications land because they come from a loving compassionate place. Having an inspiring and uplifting impact on people’s lives is everything to me. Bringing greater consciousness to everything we do is equally important to me. Making the world a better place is essential to me, along with living my calling and actualizing my destiny. I really do believe that each of us are an embodiment of a very specific sacred configuration of universal principles that we are here to actualize and personalize. I learned a long time ago the best way I could serve is to become all that I am here to give. I have devoted my life to being a fully integrated person. I am absolutely certain that I am here to bring greater light and a higher vibrational level of energy into the world and into the hearts and minds of people. This element is within and behind everything I do. I am mission driven. I tend to also be very inspired. I feel on purpose with my life, connected to a force that guides me through all of my moments. I have been engaged in spiritual prayer for the majority of my life. I take nothing for granted and therefore live in deep appreciation of and gratitude for everything.

My deepest values are freedom, truth and beauty. I am a humanitarian, and a philanthropist. I am dedicated to the light and to a life of service through leadership.