Executive Leadership Coaching

High Level mentoring for people at the top who are committed to excellence in their leadership:

3 mos / 6 mos / year long

This program works with high-level executives, in an experiential and individualized leader development process, which unleashes the creative potential of the executive and her organization. The process catapults executives into new levels of development, effectiveness and achievement. The process builds leadership capacity from the inside out. Short and long term goals for the executive and the organization are realized. Often a re-visioning of the future of oneself as a leader and the organization is created, with a strategic/implementation plan. We firmly believe that if you want to create quantum shifts in your business you need to create quantum shifts in yourself. We are dedicated to your success and excellence.

One full day a Quarter + 8 hours coaching a month + emergency calls whenever needed. Unlimited email access.

Significance and power of coaching:

  • Emphasizes the unique potential of the executive
  • Builds leadership capacity
  • Provides a structure and a process for individual development
  • Establishes Focus
  • Promotes personal discovery and self responsibility for solving problems
  • Fosters the development of high levels of self confidence and mastery
  • Forms a basis for planning for career advancement
  • Provides a model for personal leadership development
  • Empowers and facilitates your capacity to create results in every
  • area of your life and business
  • Gives you the clarity and power to make a difference in the world in profound ways.
  • Improves specific skills and develops new behaviors for effective action
  • Creates greater clarity around goals and objectives
  • Leverages your impact on others by learning how to have employees make greater use of their talents and/or abilities.
  • Creates greater productivity in your business


  • Designing a culture of committed action and measurable results
  • Powerfully shifting organizational behavior leading to effective sustainable change
  • Creating and implementing organizational change
  • Learn how to implement and shift organizational communication
  • Distinguish and develop leaders
  • Develop high-performing teams
  • Develop a client’s visionary culture
  • Clarifying what you want for your life- your values, purpose,
  • beliefs and vision and –enhancing motivation
  • Setting and accomplishing goals
  • Having someone who holds a larger vision for you than yourself and is committed to supporting and encouraging you to powerfully change
  • Someone who holds you accountable.