Emerging Women of Influence: Making a Difference, Leaving a Legacy

We at Women on the Leading Edge, Inc. realize that women have a vital contribution to make to the world and that the world will not change until more women become influential. To this end we have created our powerful “Emerging Women of Influence Program.” This program helps aspiring women leaders and aspiring world leaders to unleash their unlimited leadership potential, expand their influence and global impact, catapult themselves and their work onto the map, make an extraordinary difference and rise to unprecedented levels of success, achieving uncommon results.

This program will help emerging women leaders to envision, achieve and communicate their broad and encompassing visions and translate them into realities. Seeing new possibilities, leaders inspire outstanding performance from the people they serve, eliciting their increased dedication and initiative.

  • Providing emerging women leaders with the transformational training they need to rise into influential women living a purpose, leaving a legacy.
  • Providing the training and mentoring needed for emerging women of influence to move into their next evolutionary phase of extraordinary success & leadership.
  • Providing high potential, aspiring leaders-with state of the art development, mentoring and coaching.
  • Transforming your entire world providing a life altering approach to fulfilling your personal and organizational dreams of what is possible. Includes  a total shift in your beliefs, perception, worldview and thought process.
  • Identifying your Purpose and Calling: Leadership in the deepest sense is about purpose and aligning with ones calling. Purpose is the context that frames all of our life experiences into a meaningful whole.
  • Learn how to lead with authenticity, clarifying your personal values and how they fit within the organizational culture.
  • Discovering Your Voice: Your Unique personal Significance
  • Identify Leadership Styles
  • Institute an awareness of leading through the organization.
  • Learn how to harness the collective wisdom and genius of many
  • Learn your strengths and weaknesses, what is working and what is not in yourself and organization and what needs to shift to make the greatest difference.
  • Learn how to overcome the biases and discomforts associated with exercising political know-how, as well as strategies for using your power and influence more effectively within your organization.
  • Learn the power of Holistic Visioning and Collaborative Leadership: building partnerships and strategic alliances.
  • Develop an Authentic Leadership Presence
  • Make a Difference, Leave a Legacy
  • …………and so much more!