We orchestrate structured facilitation used in board meetings, team meetings, retreats and groups. We specialize in collaborative dialogue and collaborative visioning. As facilitators, we are process experts, interweaving and synthesizing divergent points of view. We help improve the way the group identifies problems, solves problems and makes decisions. We help groups to develop workable, realistic solutions.

We work to motivate a group, build consensus, manage dysfunction, maintain focus, generate ownership and inspire to action. We facilitate the emergence of new levels of understanding and create new possibilities and openings for direction and action.

Benefits of Facilitation:
  • Group members are often more motivated to support the decisions made because of their investment in the process.
  • The best efforts of groups usually produce better results than individual efforts.
  • Increased participation within the group increases productivity.
  • It is possible for managers and leaders to draw more on their staffs as resources, which contributes to overall organizational success.
  • Everyone involved has a chance to contribute and feels they are an integral part of the team.
  • People realize and respect that responsibility for implementing decisions lies with everyone.
  • Innovation and problem-solving skills are built.
  • People are encouraged to think and act for the overall benefit of the group.
  • Higher-quality decisions normally result.
  • A forum for constructively resolving conflicts and clarifying misunderstandings is created.
  • Negative attitudes, low morale, low involvement, and withholding of information are less likely because everyone is involved in a joint process.