Dr. Rita Lustgarten is a global visionary, thought leader, Social activist, international speaker and moderator, leadership & communication expert, seminar leader, business growth strategist, humanitarian and philanthropist. She works with entrepreneurs and business leaders across all industries- helping them to rise to higher levels of influence, distinguish themselves as thought leaders in the marketplace and grow their businesses and income, exponentially.

She is CEO and founder of Women on the Leading Edge, and Global Visionaries Inc., Her companies provide high level mentorship for CEOs, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders and influencers, along with Management Consulting, Business Consulting, Organizational Change, Strategic & Brand Consulting and Transformational and Revolutionary programs in business, and leadership development. Her company Women on the Leading Edge, Inc. is especially dedicated to accelerating the lives and businesses of high achieving women and women of influence.

For over 25 years, her company has been changing women’s lives. Whether it be in the Fortune 500 companies, or with women entrepreneurs around the globe. Her company helps women to embrace their financial and leadership power, up-level their lifestyle, make an extraordinary living while making a significant difference in the world. This powerfully distinguishes them in the market place. She inspires women’s commitment to achievement and contribution. She is masterful at empowering women on a global level to leverage their talents and skills, build lucrative businesses, become the defining difference in the marketplace, and leave their mark on the world.

She  works as an advisor to top leaders in the Financial, Environmental, Technology, Retail industries and non-profit world, along with serving several celebrities and consults with companies globally.

Dr. Rita has worked with women leaders and influencers from 5 different continents and 22 countries. Through her international experience, Dr. Rita has come to know well, the deep threads of similarities that bring women together in their fight for voice, visibility, greater relevance, influence, contribution and in fulfilling their deep desire to rise to higher levels of influence and make a difference.

She has also come to know the transformation required for women to come to leadership mastery and become groundbreaking political, social and economic forces for inspiring world change. Her work elevates women’s financial and leadership power and helps women transform their lives from the inside out resulting in greater credibility, visibility influence, global reach and income.

Dr. Rita’s partial client list includes Exxon, General Electric, Motorola, The Gap, Citibank, Smith Barney, Google, Groupon, Williams-Sonoma, Macys, Chicago Tribune, Levi Strauss, and Lucent Technologies.

She has successfully worked with multi-billion dollar companies, start-ups and everything in between, having years of experience working with executives of Fortune 500 companies as well as many powerful and successful women entrepreneurs and leaders. She has extensive international and cross cultural experience that gives her leverage in working with companies and leaders globally.

She also raises money for ICOs and helps start-ups receive the funding they need to exponentially grow.

As a master influencer and evolutionary leader, Dr. Rita has been mentoring business leaders around the globe on innovation, communication, leadership, spiritual economics, entrepreneurship, branding, strategy, business growth/scaling and execution. She has the rare capacity to take both women who are already influential, as well as women aspiring to be influential, to more significant levels of distinction, achievement and fulfillment. Through her work, women’s influence and impact in the world expands. The women she works with, become more visible and esteemed, and their lives take on greater meaning and purpose. Ultimately they become far more empowered to elevate themselves, the people they serve, and to make a greater contribution to the world.

In her coaching and leadership work she enters into a unique learning process that powerfully effects and transforms the entrepreneur, the executive and business in such a way as to impact their ability to think differently, access new possibilities, and perform with extraordinary results.

She inspires women and exceptional men, to go beyond where they presently are, unleashing their creative potential as leaders, thereby attaining greater levels of significance, influence and affluence. She is masterful at empowering women on a global level to leverage their talents and skills, build lucrative businesses, become the defining difference in the marketplace, and leave their mark on the world.

As a strategic visionary and thought leader, Dr. Lustgarten’s work focuses on unleashing human potential within individuals and organizations, creating extraordinary leaders and advancing transformational leadership development. Her company is interested in working with companies who want to leverage their resources, go to the next level, and make a global impact.

Through her customized and innovative programs for CEOS, entrepreneurs and business leaders, businesses/companies are able to reach unprecedented levels of success, while their leaders are able to inspire outstanding performance from the people they serve.

Women on the Leading Edge, Inc. recognizes that women are presently our greatest untapped resource and is therefore committed to working with companies who want to foster the leadership capacities of women and become part of a new economic force, reshaping the world.

Whether it be in the Fortune 500 companies, or with women entrepreneurs around the globe, her company mentors women to embrace their financial and leadership power, up-level their lifestyle, make an extraordinary living while making a significant and meaningful difference in the world.

Dr. Rita is a keynote speaker and travels the world giving inspirational talks on women’s empowerment and leadership. Dr. Rita has also been leading yearlong empowerment seminars for women for over 22 years. She is known for her ground breaking Global Leadership Summits and her Global Leadership Academy for Women of Influence. She is also the founder of the Women’s Global Forum.

Dr. Rita is an advocate for women’s economic empowerment through unleashing the unlimited leadership potential in all women. Her company, is dedicated to advancing women’s leadership, cultivating female world leaders, and helping women rise to higher levels of influence across all industries and sectors.

She is a founding faculty member for Compassion Happens, Inc., Faculty member of The Living University; founding member of Wisdom’s Goldenrod, a Center for Philosophic Studies, The Institute for Psychological Medicine; Institute for Evolutionary Leadership and is a member of the Association for Transformational Leaders, a forum for individuals of significant influence in artistic, academic, social, political, corporate and humanitarian endeavors, devoted to doing transformational work in their respective fields, while creating a world that is socially just, environmentally sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling. She is the author of an upcoming book on Transformation & Actualizing Human Potential. She has served on several non-profit boards.

In 2015, Dr. Rita was featured in Forbes magazine as “Game Changer” for her outstanding work with women business leaders globally. She has been recognized for helping women to dynamically distinguish themselves in the global marketplace and become a powerful part of a new economic force reshaping the world. She is known for being a courageous and pioneering free spirit, whose mission in life is to bring new ideas into being.  She has received the prestigious honor of being knighted as “Dame” of Honor by the Orthodox Order of St. John, Russian Grand Priory (the oldest humanitarian order on the planet) for her philanthropic endeavors and lifelong service to humanity.

Dr. Lustgarten holds master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology, and Human and Organizational Development and a doctorate in Human Development & Organizational Systems with a specialization in Women’s Global Leadership. She was awarded a fellowship for her outstanding work in the field of Women and Leadership and her concomitant contribution to a national initiative called Creative, Longevity, and Wisdom, a project of the Institute for Social Innovation. She was also recently awarded the “Woman of Excellence” award at the Women’s Economic Forum for her outstanding work in the field of women’s leadership.

She is now spearheading a movement to transform our world through the empowerment of women as leaders and working with women of influence to collaboratively co-create a radically different future for our world.