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 As a women leader in the 21st Century, you want to be engaged in meaningful work that has your heart, has your intelligence and embodies your power. You want to know you are living your highest destiny and your greatest contribution. You realize, that no matter how successful you are, or how significant you have become, you need to continually grow and expand yourself and go to the next level in your leadership and creative self expression in order to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

This is where we come in:

We at Women on the Leading edge, help you to do just that. We help you to embrace your vision and true heart’s desire, unleash your full leadership potential, grow yourself and achieve uncommon results. We are about empowering women to live their truth and get into action to realize their dreams. We understand that the only way you can have control over your future is to create it. Our work is about an unreasonable call to action that will accelerate your leadership capacities giving you the faith in your own ability to make the future real.

We believe this is a time for women to make their greatest difference, greatest impact and contribution. We also believe that it is through being leaders and becoming leaders that women have the most significant opportunity to do this. We believe leadership is a noble cause and a dedication and commitment to service and action.

Our consulting, coaching, mentoring programs, Global Leadership Summits and Women’s ThoughtLeadership Academy, are geared to create quantum shifts and breakthroughs in your life and business resulting in greater influence, impact and income. We use transformational methodologies, an original and integrative model of leadership and cutting edge strategies to create exponential results and extraordinary success for women entrepreneurs, executives and leaders in the 21 C. We help you to create innovative business models and implement powerful leadership and brand strategies, giving you the creative ability to gain and maintain control over your destiny. As a 21 C leader, we help you to define success on your own terms and live a life of meaning purpose and contribution.

We realize that this is a time for women to have the greatest effect on the world in the history of the human race. We believe this will happen through women expanding their influence and leadership capacity and by becoming an economic, social and political force for change.

Our hope is that as women become more visible, have greater voice, and begin to be more creative, original and inspired in their ways of leading we will be elevating women’s place and relevance in a rapidly changing world. We also believe that in doing so, we will be elevating the quality of life and the consciousness for all humanity. As women’s influence expands, we will be creating a radically different future for our world.

Our Company is devoted to creating a pathway of power, opportunity, leadership, influence, global impact and reach, for all women. We realize that to stay relevant and influential as a women leader in the 21st century calls for something very different. We believe we are that difference and that we can help you reach unprecedented levels of success, expand your influence and global reach, ride the waves of change while staying relevant, leaving a legacy and making a difference.

If you are a women of influence, and are passionate about expanding your influence and global reach, becoming a force for change… and staying relevant as a women leader in the 21st C… I invite you to work with us… and become an active powerful part of a new economic force that’s reshaping the world.

“If you would be greater in the future than you are now, be all that you can be now. Our destiny is not mapped out for us by some external force or exterior power; we map it out for ourselves. What we think and do in the present determines what shall happen to us in the future.” – anonymous

Dr. Rita Lustgarten, CEO Women on the Leading Edge, Inc.

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